Pushing Process Limits Without Compromising Safety

How can operating teams push processes to their optimal limits while maximizing safety and minimizing environmental impact? 

While operating inside safe boundaries sounds simple, modern control systems (DCS, SCADA, etc.) are not designed to track boundaries other than process alarms. Indeed, alarms limits and activation rates are enough of a challenge to control; visualization, management and control of operational boundaries is even more complex although very much interwoven with these alarms.

Consolidating operational boundaries is difficult because the information resides in multiple databases or worse - hard copy files. Additionally, capacity “creep” and debottleneck activities or minor betterments will change the throughput of the process, pushing operation closer to, or beyond, the original design limits. 

How can an operator be aware of approaching operational, design or safe limits in a timely manner without contravening ISA 18.2 or EEMUA 191? Moreover, how do violations of the limits get logged, tracked and investigated to prevent recurrence? 

In this webinar, we discuss new technology and methods for aggregating, analyzing, depicting, and controlling process boundary information to increase the awareness of the operator while enabling engineers and managers to ensure that the process is always operated.

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