Operations Risk Management
A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Reliable Production

Industrial facilities focus on at least three primary areas of risks and concern: process safety, environmental performance, and cost of operations. The success and reputation of a company depends on how well they effectively and comprehensively manage operational risk in each area. Operations Risk Management requires robust systems to detect, monitor, analyze and correct performance issues before they become a problem. 

On-Demand Webinar Series:

1: Enterprise Risk Analytics and Visualization
How Do You Ensure Safe and Reliable Operations?

Operators must have a strategy to measure and visualize risk that allows them to focus investments on programs that achieve the greatest risk reduction. Start here and then explore individual components used to reduce operational risk – each one critical for safe and reliable production.

2: Control Loop Performance
Are You in Control of Your Control Loops?

Control loops are the first line of defense for safety and process stability, and act as an engine for profitability. Continuous monitoring of control loops quickly identifies anomalies allowing the operator to address potential issues before they affect production.

3: Alarm Management
7 Steps to Maximize Operator Effectiveness

Effective alarm optimization, an essential element of operations risk management, provides actionable information that enables operators to proactively detect and resolve abnormal situations before they result in process upsets, safety issues, and unplanned outages.

4: High Performance HMI
Just how effective are your operator graphics?

Proper human machine interface (HMI) provides a window to the process, and it is the primary means for monitoring and assessing plant safety and production in real-time.

5: Safety Lifecycle Management
Is It Safe to Run the Plant?

Without real-time visibility into the health of safety instrumented systems (SISs), alarms, and independent protection layers (IPLs), operations are at risk. Burdensome manual data gathering, spreadsheets and home-grown tools paint an incomplete picture and introduce unnecessary risk.

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