Maximize Operator Effectiveness Part I: Understanding High Performance HMI Principles
and Best Practices

The first paper of a two-part white paper series, "Maximize Operator Effectiveness," breaks down the evolving standards and provides valuable insight into HPHMI principles and best practices. This white paper augments the detailed content in The High Performance HMI Handbook.

In part one, we provide typical examples of common but poor HMIs, along with highly detailed depictions of improved methods that provide for much better operator situation awareness and control. We cover the most important aspect of High Performance HMI™ (HPHMI), the display of information to the operator rather than raw data. We include examples of graphics that illustrate a proper hierarchy, along with the work processes used to design such graphics. If your facility utilizes a process control system with a computer-based HMI, you will find this information useful.

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