Making a Big Dent in Nuisance Alarms

An important, early step for improving an alarm system is to identify and fix nuisance alarms. By working on a very few alarms – usually ten to thirty – you can achieve major increases in alarm system performance. This can be done quickly, and with low cost and low impact on internal resources.

In this webinar, Bill Hollifield, co-author of The Alarm Management Handbook, discusses how you can jumpstart your alarm management project and immediately show a major improvement by reducing nuisance alarms. He will cover the various types of nuisance alarms (chattering, fleeting, stale, duplicate, diagnostic, etc.) and the methods for fixing them. This includes a significant improvement in the method to precisely calculate alarm on-delay and off-delay times to reduce chattering and fleeting alarms – the worst contributors to high alarm rates.

The improvement methods are based on hundreds of successful alarm improvement projects, and are documented in The Alarm Management Handbook, and ISA Technical Report ISA-TR18.2.3-2015: Basic Alarm Design.

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