Recorded: ICS Inventory Discovery: The First Step in Implementing ICS Cybersecurity

(1 in 3 series) As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This especially applies to security for industrial control systems. Many organizations do not have a reliable inventory of equipment at the process control layer, simply because it is a time-intensive and manual process that requires precious engineering resources. The effort is often passed over with the hopes that protecting the perimeter will protect the core.

The increase in the number of attacks on industrial control systems and recent successful attacks exemplify the dangers of not monitoring the process control layer. The truth is that most organizations focus on protecting communication traffic in and out of the process control network, and only some extend that focus to monitoring Ethernet traffic inside the process control network (PCN) and protecting the operating system of servers and workstations on the PCN. Very little is being done to protect the process control devices below the IP layer, Layers 0 and 1 in the Purdue model.

We invite you to join the first in our ICS Cybersecurity webinar series, “ICS Inventory Discovery: The First Step in Implementing ICS Cybersecurity,” as we explore the process of architecting security controls for a process control network – the first step being building and maintaining an accurate inventory of devices within the PCN. We’ll discuss how you can automate the inventory of a multitude of proprietary and non-proprietary control system assets and proactively protect yourself from potential cyber vulnerabilities due to malicious or unauthorized modifications.

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