Recorded: ICS Cybersecurity: What Happens when the Eggshell Breaks

(3 in 3 series) Are you aware that your critical proprietary automation infrastructure is still at risk – even if you’ve implemented firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and whitelisting protection? Current cybersecurity practices focus mostly on the perimeter of our control systems – much like the shell of an egg. Once through the shell, an intruder can compromise the entire control system. Guarding the perimeter is not enough.

A centralized configuration management program for industrial control systems is critical when designing a layered defense architecture for ICS security. It provides the necessary monitoring and security controls to monitor and proactively secure the egg’s inner layer or vital control systems. By implementing and automating processes for inventory discovery, configuration documentation, and backup and recovery, organizations can establish an added layer of security beyond the outer shell and ensure safe, compliant and profitable operations.

In this webinar, we discuss how to utilize the inventory and threat assessment to develop a layered defense architecture for a process control network. We’ll explore the most common vulnerabilities of perimeter-based cybersecurity approaches and in-depth defenses that will help your organization immediately detect improper changes. The pros and cons of different approaches will also be discussed.

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