Recorded: How Do We Move to a Production-Centric Cybersecurity Model?

Successful industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity programs are carefully planned, progressively implemented, and consistently maintained. Best practices prescribe an “inside-out” defense-in-depth approach that moves from perimeter-based monitoring and protection to automatically inventorying and securing the proprietary systems most responsible for production and safety. Companies that include these systems in a comprehensive cybersecurity program reduce cyber risk and sustainability costs.

Resources are a common roadblock for organizations striving to build proper ICS cybersecurity programs. Site personnel often lack the cybersecurity domain expertise and bandwidth to build and maintain required policies. Overcoming these obstacles through automation is essential to ensuring that industrial facilities are protected.

In this webinar, Sid Snitkin, VP and GM of Enterprise Services at the ARC Advisory Group; and David Zahn, CMO and General Manager of the Cybersecurity Business Unit at PAS, address how organizations can become more production-centric in their cybersecurity posture. They discuss the challenges of implementing a successful industrial cybersecurity program and provides some real-world examples of how some companies have used technology to overcome some of their most challenging hurdles.

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