eBooks Series: Reducing Industrial Risk
20 Experts Share Strategies for Managing OT Cybersecurity

We asked 20 OT security professionals, "What are the top three pieces of advice you would give a CISO to make the plant OT/ICS environment more secure from cyber attacks?"

Their answers reflect a rich knowledge of cybersecurity and risk management best practices across a diverse range of industries—including oil and gas, chemicals and refining, and power generation.

Their insights have been compiled into four eBooks organized around critical topics to inform CISOs or anyone tasked with securing our critical infrastructure. 

Advice for CISOs: How to Approach OT Cybersecurity

Get insights on how to protect the endpoints that matter most in your industrial facilities – the proprietary ICS assets responsible for safe and reliable production.

Leveraging IT/OT Convergence and Developing Effective OT Cybersecurity

Is your organization focused on developing a comprehensive ICS cybersecurity program? Does part of that strategy involve converging IT and operational technology (OT) teams? Read the second installment of the eBook series for advice from security experts.

Lessons Learned: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity experts share lessons learned for ensuring safe, secure, and reliable industrial operations. Areas of consideration include knowing what you have, controlling access to systems and devices, and converging OT & IT groups.

Strategies for Managing OT Cybersecurity Risk

Protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats requires solid strategies to ensure threat vectors are addressed and managed. In this fourth and final eBook, OT experts share their cybersecurity strategies to safeguard facilities.

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