Are We Safe to Run the Plant?

The fundamental question every operations manager needs to answer is “Are we safe to run the plant?” While it sounds simple, many variables help answer this question including understanding the operational state of your safety instrumented systems (SIS) and other independent protection layers (IPL). Companies often struggle with real-time visibility into the state of IPL because critical information is trapped within multiple systems and spreadsheets. Most employ manual processes to gather necessary data and build a profile of plant operational risk. This paints an incomplete picture, which introduces unwanted risk, and the effort expended is burdensome.

Risk management best practices demand a consistent, automated approach to IPL performance analysis, testing, validation, and reporting. In this webinar, we discuss how industrial facilities utilize industry best practices to automate the IPL management lifecycle. ​We’ll cover approaches and challenges companies face monitoring IPL and operational risk and best practices to monitor IPL performance, visualize risk, track bypass status, and ensure IPL maintenance and test frequency integrity.

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