ARC View: A Unified Approach to Managing Risk for Process Safety and Cybersecurity

Managing risk and adopting a risk-based approach to cybersecurity is increasingly necessary in the age of IT/OT convergence. There is already a proliferation of risk-based services and risk-based approaches to cyber insurance, engineering, and design throughout the industrial and critical infrastructure segments.

In this white paper “A Unified Approach to Managing Risk for Process Safety and Cybersecurity,” ARC Advisory Group recommends that end users should ask themselves some key questions when it comes to managing cyber risk.

  • Do you have clear visibility into your current levels of OT cybersecurity risk?
  • How is your current OT cybersecurity program mitigating or managing your risk today?
  • What metrics are you measuring/tracking today relative to OT cybersecurity risk?
  • How do you determine the impact of a publicly released ICS vulnerability?
  • How do you know that changes made to ICS assets are authorized?
  • How do you measure compliance with your OT security framework?


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