Analyst Report

Sensor Data Integrity for Process Plants is a Problem: Here Is How Users Can Solve It

Having pervasive intelligent sensors and actuators in process plants has created a significant data management problem for end-users.  The influx of less expensive and easier-to-connect IoT and wireless sensors exacerbates this problem and increases cybersecurity risk and expands the threat surface. 

End-users haven’t had much luck solving this problem, often resorting to costly manual data reconciliation through spreadsheets.  PAS recently released its Sensor Data Integrity offering, which provides a vendor-independent solution for sensor data and integrity management. 

Read this analyst report from ARC Advisory Group to learn:

  • Why intelligent devices create a data integrity problem
  • Why data integrity is needed at the sensor level
  • What is the cost of poor data integrity
  • How better data integrity reduces cyber risk 

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