Analyst Report

ARC View: Enabling Continuous Vulnerability Management for Industrial Control Systems


Industrial companies have made significant investments in cybersecurity technologies to protect their plants and industrial control systems (ICS). But many companies are unable to keep up with the never-ending stream of new vulnerability alerts from suppliers and groups like ICS-CERT. This leaves many plants at risk of serious cyber incidents, jeopardizing safety and operational reliability.

Industrial companies need to recognize and address this serious risk. Managers need to make sure that plants have programs in place to help ensure that vulnerabilities are continuously managed. Operations and compliance managers also need continuous visibility into vulnerability management efforts across all facilities to help ensure timely and appropriate cyber risk mitigation.

ARC Advisory Group recently discussed continuous ICS vulnerability management with PAS executives. Vulnerability management of the ICS in complex, multi-vendor industrial facilities is a key focus of the company’s Cyber Integrity solution.

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