Alarm Management - 7 Steps in 45 Minutes

Poorly performing alarm systems - plagued by high alarm rates, periodic alarm floods, nuisance alarms, and uncontrolled alarm suppression - diminish operator situation awareness and impact plant production and safety. An effective alarm system optimization strategy combines proven methodology, knowledgeable plant personnel, and standards-based automation technology. 

In this session, we present a 45-minute condensed review of the PAS 7-Step Alarm Management Methodology. We provide step-by-step highlights and take a closer look at Step 6, Real-Time Alarm Management, to address the more advanced alarm handling solutions such as controlled alarm shelving, state-based alarming, alarm flood suppression, and operator alert systems. We also examing new case studies that illustrate how process and power facilities have recognized permanent reductions in the number of alarms by adopting the 7-Step Methodology.

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