Recorded Webinar

A Day in the Life of an OT Cybersecurity Expert

Keeping Critical Infrastructure Safe and Secure

What are the critical must-haves and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to safeguarding industrial facilities in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things? Threats to the safety and security of critical infrastructure make headlines on a regular basis. CISOs and their IT teams may be ultimately accountable for the security of industrial control systems in critical industries such as oil and gas, refining, chemical processing and power generation, but they can benefit greatly from the expertise of their operation technology (OT) cybersecurity teams.

In this panel discussion, three OT cybersecurity experts share their experience and lessons learned when securing the critical infrastructure. They dive into critical success factors for effectively managing OT risk while ensuring safe and reliable production within the plant.

Listeners will:

  • Learn what to look for when conducting an OT cybersecurity inventory
  • Discover how to meet the requirements for both OT and IT cybersecuirty
  • Understand how a threat model ensures the right threats are addressed
  • Realize how it's possible to be cost effective while also reducing the risk of an attack

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