Recorded Webinar: Part 1 of 4

From the OT Trenches – Three Cybersecurity Recommendations You Should Heed

The enemies are no longer at the gate, but inside the digital fence armed with process knowledge gained over years of undetected reconnaissance. They have developed stealth capabilities to attack and cause harm without warning. Hyperbole? Attackers have already penetrated industrial control systems and compromised process safety and production at many facilities throughout the world.

Securing an OT system presents unique challenges beyond what it takes to secure an IT system. How can the industry effectively manage and secure the OT environment? 

We asked 20 security professionals to share their top three recommendations for securing the industrial control systems that enable safe production in critical infrastructure globally.

Jason Haward-Grau, CISO at PAS, shares those insights and his expertise to inform effective OT risk management strategies.

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